Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby and Educational Toys - Product Review

The days of the Lincoln Log and the Slinky have gone by the wayside. Move over Radio Flyer Wagons and butt out Easy-Bake Oven. Now children are building with 100 piece block sets and talking on toy cell-phones. They are driving around in pedal cars and cooking pretend food in full scale dream kitchens. Times have changed and most parents are embracing that change. Children are being entertained at a higher level than ever before. But, finding the right toy to stimulate the child isn't always easy. Don't fret; there are several different types of toy to buy your child.
Children are attending pre-schools as young as three years old. It is no surprise that one of the top toy markets is the educational toy market. While most parents tend to think of toys as entertainment, purchasing an educational toy can be both fun and beneficial to the child. From infant to toddler, the educational niche has it all. There are play centers, some of which sell for as little as $15, designed to help with memory and hand-eye coordination. Toys will often light up and have the child press or pull different buttons and levers. Some will give the child a foundation in music and mathematics, all the while entertaining and educating.
Toy purchases often have to fit in with a budget. There are several types of toys that can fit both the budget and the entertainment category. Many toy companies will manufacture toys such as push toys and mobiles for as little as $8.00. Plastic toys are now being manufactured to fit a parent's budget. Talking cell-phones can be picked up for as little as $11.00 and the entertainment they will provide the child will be unmatched. Some of the old standards, however, still reign supreme. Plush toys of the children's favorite characters are still as popular as ever. These toys, varying in size, can be picked up for a relatively cheap cost. Depending on size, the plush toys can range from $15 to over $100.
Infant and toddler toys come in a variety of forms. Infant toys are generally geared toward developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. A popular infant toy usually has three factors: color, shape, and sound. Infant toys, for the most part, have different colors to help entertain the child. They often feature different faces. Some toys have levers to pull in order to make another lever carry out its function. Some of the infant toys feature sounds. For instance, animals will often make sounds and the child will have to pick the right animal. Some vanities even talk to your children to say how beautiful they look. Also, blocks are still popular among infants.
Toddler toys tend to veer towards imitation. Mega kitchens and microwaves, along with plastic food, are quite popular with toddlers. Children are entertained by imitating what they see mom and dad do. Picking out the right toy can be difficult. Is the child into imitating mom and dad or does he like to build? There are tons of different styles of blocks and puzzles to help ease his building needs. Pedal cars are popular. Priced around $100, pedal cars are perfect for the driveway or backyard. For children with flourishing imaginations there are many toys on the market. Puppet theatres for creating masterpiece theatre are reasonably priced and provide an outlet for the imagination. Children's tool sets are also popular. Children will be able to imagine building the racecar of their dreams. There is no limit to the imagination and these toys only contribute to a child's creativity.


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